What We’re Doing

Freewill offers a comprehensive rehabilitation program mixed with Christian values and teachings.  The Freewill Program is more successful than most other programs returning a high percentage of clients to the community with the ability to function in the community.

Currently Freewill provides residential programs for men in the Men’s House of Hope and women in the Women’s House of Hope.  An Aftercare program and a Half-way Home program is also provided for graduates needing a bridge back into the community.  The Women’s facility is located on the main campus and the Men’s facility and Half-way House are located in Humboldt in rented facilities.  

Freewill also operates Daddy’s Kitchen Table, which provides low cost meals to the community as well as meals for the clients in the programs.  The Freewill Thrift Shop sells low cost clothing to the community and provides needed clothing to the clients in the rehabilitation and transition programs. ​The Half-way House is located in a rented house in Humboldt and houses female graduates of the program who are developing better work skills to enter the labor force.  Also, Freewill operates a bus for transporting residents to doctor’s appointments, court and parole officer visits and to and from meals.

Freewill owns a large building designated the “Plaza Building” that runs parallel to West Main Street in Humboldt, TN.  This building is currently unused due to the damage sustained in the 2010 flood. This flood impacted the local area, as well as the Freewill campus.  The interior of this building has been gutted and there is a long-term plan to develop this facility to provide services to its clients, add services for the local community, and to support its mission.  Current plans are to renovate about 2,000 square feet into a Chapel/Training Facility/Community Center for use by the clients in the Freewill Rehabilitation programs as well as by local churches and organizations.  In the future Freewill plans to develop an additional 2,000 square feet into a Family House of Hope for female clients with children. Finally Freewill plans to renovate another approximately 1,500 square feet into expanded office, counseling, and training facilities

Development Plans

Freewill Shelter & Outreach, Inc. was founded in 2005. Freewill Shelter and Outreach, Inc. is a nonprofit Christian ministry which offers rehabilitation to people, regardless of age, gender or race, made homeless by alcohol  abuse, drug abuse or incarceration.  Program residents must work, remain free of substances and complete our requirements for community living.

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